Land Administration in the developing world
A resource for students and practitioners
S. Rowton Simpson

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Chapter 1 - Land Rights and Records

Chapter 2 - Process of Land Transfer

Chapter 3 - English Land Law and Registration

Chapter 4 - English Conveyancing

Chapter 5 - Torrens System

Chapter 6 - Deeds Registration

Chapter 7 - Cadastre and Cadastral Survey

Chapter 8 - Boundaries and Maps

Chapter 9 - Objects and Reasons

Chapter 10 - Guarantee and Indemnity

Chapter 11 - Compilation of the Register

Chapter 12 - Customary Land Tenure and Control of Dealing

Chapter 13 - Multiple Ownership and Fragmentation

Chapter 14 - Horizontal Subdivision

Chapter 15 - The Process of Systematic Adjudication

Chapter 16 - Organisation and Administration

Chapter 17 - The Machinery of Registration

Chapter 18 - Techniques of Cadastral Survey

Chapter 19 - Registry Procedure

Chapter 20 - Automation

Chapter 21 - Registered Land Law

Chapter 22 - The Kenya Registered Land Act and Rules

Chapter 23 - Land Adjudication Law

Appendix A - Land Records in France

Appendix B - Land Records in West Germany

Appendix C - The Computerisation of Land Records and Accounts in Sabah

Appendix D - The Land Data Bank of Sweden